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Why cut and connect?


Why cut and connect?



We should cut the world and connect to God. When we do this, the Pranic energy associated with that comes to us. We must connect every object we see with God; we must do this. I have written about this as Yoga Sutra. To connect everything we see with God, is Yoga Sutra. For example, if we see a door, we should think it is a door to heaven. Swami gave the example for the word "window". He said,"Go down, down, down and win." We should go deep inside and get pranic energy.

If we do everything like this, the Pranic energy will come to us. we can pull Pranic energy from everything we see.

We should not find faults in others. We should not think of them also. If we do, our Pranic energy will go to them. By conserving our Pranic energy and protecting it, we can easily attain God. Bhakthi is not only bhajan singing; this is the beginning stage, elementary school level. One should move from devotion to wisdom. Wisdom is the high school level. Then we cross this to Vairagya, discrimination. This is university level. Swami said all are in elementary school. You must aspire to study at the Vairagya University, only then will you escape re-birth.

How does wisdom come? It is only through satsang. It is only when we join in satsang, read wisdom and analyze, that we know what is True and Permanent. At this stage, we can remove attachment for perishable things. Removing desire is Jeevan Mukthi. Removing attachment is Vairagya. We should push all away except God. This is Vairagya.

On one side, we should connect all we see with God. This is wisdom. On the other side, when we collect all this wisdom, it becomes Pranic energy. Vairagya means cutting, pushing away all that is permanent. Cutting is Vairagya, connecting is wisdom; we see all as God. It is only when we have vairagya and wisdom that we attain true devotion.


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