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The name & form attracts us, love begins ... Love is firmly rooted in relationship. This is why love is expressed for our family and relations.

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Meditation Preparation


Meditation Preparation



The first thing required to meditate is one-pointedness. Do not stop thinking about God for a single moment. To do this, we must put some limits and constraints in our life. This will focus our efforts and increase self-discipline. we must examine ourselves minute by minute, 'Did i eat more? Sleep more?' In this way, practice self-examination.

We should make a daily plan, a timetable. We should divide our time correctly and do things at specific times.

To contain our life in meditation, this is the goal. This is meditation. In order to achieve this, we need vision that sees good everywhere and God in everything at all times. We must train our five senses. This training is connecting all with God. Vairagya or discrimination is cutting the world.

Only when we do all these things will meditation come. By making ourselves full of perfection every moment, meditation will follow. Follow the formula for devotion. Then, meditation will arise naturally.


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