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Sacrifice arises from dispassion. When one is firmly established in Truth that God alone is real, and all else is maya, dispassion will automatically come.

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Radha's Divine Qualities


Radha's Divine Qualities

The 19 Inherent Qualities of Radha



Boundless Love

Sacrifice Competing with that Love

Universal Compassion

Changing Emotional Nature



Sweetness of Speech

Expansive Generosity


Helping Nature

Clarity of Intellect

Dispassion of Volcanic Power

Magnetic Purity

Childlike Heart

Motherly Concern

Moon-like Coolness

Softness of a Flower

Himalayan Power of Will

Sacred Nature of the Ganges

Merged in Bliss


(Received from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba during meditation.)


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