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27 November 1991


27 November 1991



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Beloved Bhagavan

Anantha Koti Pranams,


Like Ashokovana Sita, I am waiting for Your call daily. At a time when anxiety has overcome me, Chettiar’s letter came like Hanuman’s message. I ran and saw the padukas. Chettiar gave the padukas, like Hanuman gave the ring. I got them and was overjoyed. Yesterday, only after remitting the money, the padukas become our wealth. Now soon Prabhu You should place Your divine feet on them.

Swami! My heart is overwhelmed with joy, due to Your compassion. You made the magazine, ‘nana Bhoomi’, reach our house, my hands from nowhere! You gave Chettiar’s address through it. You made me go to Chettiar’s house. You made me make his acquaintance. You made me have darshan of Your padukas there. You filled me with longing, ‘Will I also have one?’ You made him place an order for a pair of padukas. Today the padukas came. Now You have to bring us to Parthi and place Your feet on the padukas.

You must give darshan, sparshan and sambashan.

Long live Your grace!

Long live Your glories!!

Swami! Swami!! I am enjoying Your nearness, Your grace every moment.

Your loving child,


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