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26 November 1994


26  November 1994



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Beloved Lord

Anantha Koti Pranams...

Swami! Oh Bhagavan!

Yesterday in the newspaper, I read that You became sick on Your birthday. Why Swami? What happened? Is it because of me, a sinner? I wrote that You are very blissful there, is it because of this? Is it due to my previous bad karmas? Prabhu please forgive me. You should not suffer, I cannot bear it. Are You angry with me? Please forgive me if my writings are incorrect. I do not know how I should conduct myself. Please forgive this ignorant woman. Please write to me about Your physical condition. Please let me know how You are doing.

Please give me steadfast Prema bhakthi. Give me a strong mind.

Swami! Swami!! Is it wrong that I have written all this, taking so much liberty with You? Please answer me.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu,

Your dear Meera


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