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Our feelings and thoughts become vibrations. Space is filled with vibrations. These vibrations are the cause for all that happens in the world; the good and bad.

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21 December 1994


21 December 1994



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Prema Bhagavan

Anantha Koti Pranams,

Swami! My life! Prabhu! Kanna!

How will I repay the extreme compassion that You poured on me in Puttaparthi. Last year You did not come when the homa was performed. But this year You came just to perform our 60th wedding. You blessed the homa agni twice. You gave Poornahuthi with Your golden hands. All is for Your Meera. You also performed the worldly marriage. The next day You gave padanamaskar to all the couples. Last year we took padanamaskar individually, this year You gave to the couples and this was especially for our marriage.

Sriman Narayana Sharanao Sharanao Prabathyathyey

Telling this I surrendered at Your Divine feet and caught hold of them tightly. You said, “There are many people waiting.” Did You tell this to mean that many are waiting for Your darshan? Or did You mean that many are watching us? I do not know why.

Are these the words that You have spoken to me after my incessant prayer that You should speak with me? I said that You should show the conch and chakra on Your Divine feet. But You made me see a floral design of conch and chakra, around Your Divine feet, in front of Your Divine abode. I did not have the fortune of kissing Your Divine feet. Did You print these books so they would be placed in the Pooja room, unread by any. Should not all read and be benefited? Please bless to sell all the books within a month.

This is Your responsibility.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu,

Your dear Meera


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