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Fire's nature is to purify. It carries our prayers & acts as a messenger, between man & God.

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21 September 1995


21 September 1995



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Prema Bhagavan

Anantha Koti Pranams


how much penance the sadhakas are doing in Nara Narayan cave. Many are performing penance in different places. Compared to them, I am only dust. What sadhana have I done? Really! What of my devotion? Seeing the penance of all, will I ever attain the goal? I am afraid. Will I attain Poornasharangathi, Total surrender? Bless me and shower Your grace so I have more devotion, total surrender and total faith in You.

In this world I want only You. I want You, only You. You take all my other desires.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu,

Your dear Meera


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