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Mukthi (Liberation) will only be attained by sacrificing everything. There is only one way to liberation - Sacrifice, Sacrifice, Sacrifice.

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21 January 1996


21 January 1996



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Prema Bhagavan

Anantha Koti Pranams,


How do You want me to be with You? Am I speaking with You like a newly married woman? Is ours a recent marriage? Is ours not an eternal relationship? I too have the same Avatars as You, is it not so? If You are Rama, I am Sita. If You are Ranga, I am Kodhai. If You are Kanna, I am Radha. Why are You telling something very strange today? Whom do I have other than You? Is it false that You called me Meera and Radha? Is it false that You initiated me with the mantra? Is it false that You garlanded me? Is it false that You said, ‘Kanna’s Radha’, and ‘Meera’s husband is Kanna’.

Will the fragrance of the newly married change with passing days and ages? Will You not speak with me? Why should You not guide me on how to conduct myself? You show the right path to many appearing in their dreams and directly, why should You not do this for me? Why a broker between us? Please tell me directly what You want to tell me. Please put me on the correct path.

I am not able to bear Your silence anymore. You promised me that You would never forsake me. Please change me and my ways if I am wayward. Don’t You know how much I have cried the last three or four days? Why are You making me cry all the time? Oh all-knowing One! Oh all- pervasive Lord! Kanna!  Please give me peace.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu,

Your dear Meera


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