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Our feelings and thoughts become vibrations. Space is filled with vibrations. These vibrations are the cause for all that happens in the world; the good and bad.

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18 September 1989


18  September 1989



Oh Bhagavan Sai Ram!

Anantha Koti Pranams!

Is it false that You said You and Kanna are One? Why are You troubling my mind so much? You said, ‘My grace is your right. You demand and take it…You do not have to beg for My grace’. Look at my condition today. I am begging, stretching my hand to all. Yesterday I wrote a letter to Sanyasi Amibikapriya. I asked her to pray for me, for my sadhana. I am crying and pleading to many great souls for the same. I am praying everyday to all the devotees, jnanis, siddhas, chiranjeevis that they should bless me for my spiritual progress. Swami when will I obtain Your grace?

Kanna! Did You not show Your grace to Gajendra? Did You not transform Trivakra? Did You not turn a stone into a woman? Did You not lift the Govardhana hill? Why are You disregarding my plea? Where shall I go if You forsake me?

Is it false that Kanna said, ‘I and Sai are One’. Is it false that He said that You will correct my eyesight? Is it false that I heard Your voice?

Kanna, Kanna, please shower Your grace.

Your dear child


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