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Following the spiritual teachings in thought, word and deed leads to discrimination and wisdom. Mere bookish knowledge is useless.

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16 November 1990


16  November 1990



To the Divine feet of my Prema Moorthi

Koti Koti Pranams...

My Swami,

Each moment I feel Your nearness. Today, morning I went to the lawyer. He told me, “You tell in the court that your “father can hear well.”* I was very sad. I called You continuously for help. I prayed, ‘Please do not make me utter a lie. Let the question not be asked in court’. The question was never asked!

Baba my life! How You are helping me to keep my vows. Please bless me that I keep the vow of always speaking truth, till my last moment. Please shower Your grace for this. When You are near me, why should I fear?

Ever Your child



*My father met with an accident while cycling to get his pension from the local town. A bus hit him. He was admitted into the hospital and died after two days. This happened in 1989. The police filed a case against the bus company.

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