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God is all pervasive. Not only human beings, but also animals, plants, creepers, stones, sand - All are His forms.

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8 July 1994


8 July 1994



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Prema Moorthi

Koti Koti Pranams...

Swami, Oh Bhagavan,

I cannot forget You even for a second. What magic did You do? What magic did You do so that Your Divine Lotus feet would always be in front of my eyes? All say that they cannot remember God all the time, I cannot forget God! What if I catch Your Divine feet and kiss them? Please allow me to fall at Your Divine feet and kiss them again and again. Please touch My head with Your hands and bless me. Please place Your Divine feet on my head, I want only this, nothing else. I want only Your Divine feet. Why are You making me mad? I am always crying in thoughts of You. When will You pour grace on me?

Oh Swami! Can’t You hear my pleas? Do not my tears melt Your heart? Why am I alone like this, wanting this? Will You lose anything if I touch You or Your Divine feet? Please give padanamaskar in my dream. Please give more devotion. Bless me to enjoy Your nearness every moment.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavathu

Your divine child,


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