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6 February 1986


6 February 1986


To the Divine Lotus feet of my Prema Bhagavan

Koti Koti Pranams,

Swami! My Lord! You are making me feel Your presence every day. I feel Your nearness. For two days now, my mind is in a blissful state. Prabhu! My Sai Ram! You are everything. I see You in everyone. Let the whole world live in joy.
Swami please remove the sorrows of the world. Swami how great is Your compassion? Can it be measured? Please remove the sufferings of the people and guide them on the right path. You have come as an Avatar and are serving the people on earth. What can equal this compassion?
Lord! You created this world for Your amusement. When the people You have created slip from the path, You descend to correct them and take them into Your fold. You perform many tasks for our sake. Swami! Sai Ram! You walk so far, Your feet pained. You speak and speak, Your Divine mouth aching.

Oh Lord, how are we going to thank You for all this?

You have shown Your compassion, to transform me, an insignificant being, which lies in an unknown corner of  Your creation.
Many Pranams at Thy Divine feet. Prabhu You are protecting me, You are my shelter. Please bless me so I can totally depend on You. Please bless to feel Your presence every moment.

Oh Prabhu! I cannot forget You even for a moment. Sai Ram! Sai Ram, what are You doing to me? Again and again I fall at Your divine feet. It is a token of my love. As a token of my gratitude to Your compassion, I have surrendered myself fully at Your divine feet. Please accept me Swami. You are my only refuge.

Your loving child,


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