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The highest dharma of man is to attain God. Only actions that are performed with this goal can be said to be dharmic. All else is adharma, unrighteousness.

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3 September 1986


3 September 1986



To the Divine Lotus feet of my sweet Bhagavan

Anantha Koti Pranams,

Swami, what letter is this? From four o’clock in the morning, til the time I go to sleep, I am speaking with You continuously. What new is there to say? For the last two days my mind is in a blissful state. From morning till night I feel Your nearness. I feel Your presence close to me in every action. Prabhu! How You shower Your grace! Finally You are fulfilling my desire to feel Your presence every moment.

From a young age, I thought Andal was the goal of my life. Now in the last two days I have changed this. How can I experience You if I have merged into You like Andal, along with the physical body. If I become the sweet candy, how can I experience its taste? So my goal now is Charles Penn. Like him, every moment, I want to experience You directly. I want to speak, see and touch You.

Baba! Please shower more compassion. Please shower more grace. Swami, Swami, You are my refuge, my Saviour sharanam, sharanam.

Your dear child,


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