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1 August 1994


1  August 1994



To the Divine Lotus feet of my Dear Prema Moorthy

Anantha Koti Pranams,

Swami! For many days I was melting in tears wanting Your Divine feet. Like a Debtor, You are filled with anxiety and gave Your padukas. Generally, debtors give interest in installments. You however, gave the Principle itself at first! After this, You gave Your Divine name as the interest in Paramakudi. In Palamadai, You poured vibuthi on my hands and gave more interest. Finally, in Parthi, You gave Yourself through Your Padanamaskar. You are a typical Prema mad God! Still it was not enough for You, You made vibuthi appear on Your picture. It was still not enough; You are showering Your grace to release books of my songs. We have not seen another Prema mad God like You, especially in this Kali.

Oh mad God!
Oh Lord of Supreme grace!
Oh my Father, Oh my refuge
Let Your Divine feet protect me
Glory be to thy compassion and mercy
I am very fortunate for having attained You.

Loka Samasta Sukhino Bhavanthu

Your dear child,


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