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Amma's later letters to Swami


Amma's later letters to Swami:



Dear Readers,


I called Swami, ‘Amma’, from the time I knew Him and started writing letters to Him. The strong thought that Swami is the Mother of this motherless child arose in me. I signed in all the letters, ‘Your child Vasantha’. Time passed and Swami showed the vision of Meera and said, “You are Meera, I am Krishna.” I then wrote, “Your dear Meera” in letters. Swami then said, “You are Radha.”

During Swami’s 70th Birthday celebration, I went to Prasanthi Nilayam to do service. There I wrote a letter and signed it for the first time, ‘Your Radha’. Swami showed these states one after another. When I said I would show devotion, considering Swami as mother, He said, “No, Madhura bhakthi is suitable for your nature.” Then slowly, Swami changed my states one after the other. First Durga, Saraswathi, Parvathi, Sathyam, ‘I without i’, ‘I am I’ and such like. I am His Shakthi. I have come here for the task of the Avatar. He said I am the first sound of the Vedas, ‘Agni Meeley’. Then He said that I am His Spanda Shakthi, power of Divine consciousness, half of the One. Even though I am half of Swami, as I do not have ‘i’, He tells all and I write.

- Amma



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