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Sacrifice arises from dispassion. When one is firmly established in Truth that God alone is real, and all else is maya, dispassion will automatically come.

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Mantra Mahima


Mantra Mahima



This mantra is the greatest proof for the truth of the bond between Swami and I. It shows that I am His Chit Shakthi.I am born from Him and I will merge back into Him.



Basis for the Mantra

Vasantha : Swami, please tell something about the mantra.

Swami    : This mantra is the Radha Krishna mantra, Shiva Shakthi mantra, Purusha Prakrithi mantra, Srishti mantra. There is no Radha Krishna mantra. There will be no Raja Prema mantra. Only this mantra, "Om Sri Sai Vasant Saiesaiya Namaha", has come. Your tears and yearning have created this mantra. We come here only for New Creation.

THE BASIS OF THIS NEW CREATION is Radha Krishna Prema. Radha's Prema for Krishna has nothing to do with the physical body. It is the principle of Oneness. Radha felt, "Wherever Krishna is, there I want to be one with Him." This did not find expression outside, it stopped at the level of feelings. This is the nature of my Prema for Swami. I say, "I want Swami I want Swami." This is the thirst to become one with the physical form of Swami that exists throughout creation. It is Swami in the form of creation.

In my childhood, I wanted to marry Krishna .This desire grew to cosmic proportions and became New Creation, Sathya Yuga. It became the Purusha Prakrithi principle for New Creation; here Sathya and Prema will enter into ever one and everything.

This is Vasanthamayam. This is the basis for the mantra and the reason Swami called it the Sathya Yuga mantra. This mantra is the greatest proof for the truth of the bond between Swami and I. It shows that I am His Chitshakthi. I am born from Him and I will merge back into Him. The power of the mantra will remove the karmas of the world and bestow Universal Liberation. The five elements and the Creation will be born anew.

God has not given 108 divine names to anyone. He has not given such a mantra. This in itself shows that I am His.



Power of Mantra

Prema Yagna - Chanting mantra-Universal liberation

In 2002, Mukthi Nilayam Ashram opened. Many obstacles arose at the time of construction. I asked Swami the reason and he said, "You are asking for Universal Liberation". You chant the mantra daily and perform Prema yagna. This Prema offering will please the Devas and remove the obstacles to "Universal Liberation". As Swami requested, we perform Prema yagna everyday chanting the mantra. How powerful is a mantra that is chanted for universal liberation!

Later in meditation, Swami said the mantra could be chanted by all. It will help those who suffer from illness. Thereafter, I wrote the mantra in vibuthi and sent it to many who were sick. From then till now, the mantra along with prayers and vibuthi has cured many diseases and solved many problems.

Swami said, "The mantra helps one to progress on the spiritual path and enjoy peace. It is the Mukthi Mantra. It is the cure for the triple diseases of body, mind and soul." Whoever chants this mantra, my prema and nature will enter into them. It will guide and help them. The world liberation that I desire, they too will desire.

Vasantha : Swami, what is the benefit for others to chant this mantra?

Swami    : Many diseases were cured through this mantra. How? In Brindavan, all are chanting Radhey, Radhey; so Radha's nature enters into everyone. They will have Radha's nature. Like wise, the nature of your Prema will enter all who chant the Vasantha Sai Mantra.

Swami says this mantra as Mukthi Mantra, Vasantha Sai Mantra, Radha Krishna Mantra, Shiva Shakthi Mantra, Purusha Prakruthi Mantra, Srishti Mantra, Sathya yuga Mantra.

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