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Feelings are expressed according to the relationship. When the feelings are directed towards God, they become devotion.

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Element 4: Water


Element 4:  Water



How to purify water? Saint Thiruvalluvar has written,

Outer purity comes from water.
Inner purity comes from Truth.

We bathe to clean the external body. We use many kinds of soaps and shampoos. We rub and scrub to cleanse the body. This is for external cleanliness. Truth cleanses the mind. Speaking truth is inner purity. All that is spoken by the mouth should be true. While water cleanses all that is present outside, truth cleanses the inner. If we speak truth, it purifies water. If we speak untruth, it will pollute water. Without water, the world cannot function. The rains come due to yagna, sacrifice. The result of karma is yagna.

If we perform actions, as per the whims of the mind, it disrupts the cycle of rainfall. Due to this disruption, the weather is affected and seasonal rains fail. If we perform all work as sacrifice, we will be blessed with good rains. When speech is pure, water is purified. Untruth makes water impure.

When speech is pure, water is purified. Untruth makes water impure.

We must correct the impurity of the mouth. The mouth has two functions, speaking and eating. The food we eat should be pure. Pure food and sweetness in speech give spotless character. We should speak truth in a humble and polite manner; we should speak words that do not hurt others.

We should thank the god of rain by speaking truth and by offering all our actions to God. Living in union with God shows true gratitude.

One more quality of water is to flow into an empty space. When we take a pot full of water from the river, the water immediately fills there. Water is pure and auspicious. We should have these qualities. We should live auspicious and pure lives. The Lord is Sivam, the auspicious One.

Another quality of water is to flow out. Water emerges from a spring and flows freely. We should live life like this, being helpful to others without any trace of selfishness. The mouth should be used to sing the glory of the Lord and spread truth and love.

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