Nectarine Drops...

Even one's stubborn nature can be used to attain God. Feel, "I must see God, here itself, right now!"

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When I call you Kanha ...


When I call you Kanha ...



My heart melts
To say Your name once!
Devotion floods every cell
When I call you Kanha! (Krishna)

Floods of joy!
Floods of tears!
As I call Your name again
Oh! What sweet pain!

The chant of Your Name
Is the fruit of my birth,
Oh, Nectar of Life Divine!
You are forever mine.

Long live the one ***
Who named you ‘Kanha’!

I call the name ‘Kanha’
The magnetism is instant
My heart breaks into song
His name makes me jubilant.

He is etched in my heart,
He has merged with my soul,
The stealer of hearts
Has won my thoughts.

In thousands of births
His name will ring,
His glory I sing
In thousands of songs.

I do not have a million hearts
To melt daily of worth
His lotus feet are the refuge
In my future births!


(*** I  thank and praise Sage Garga who named Sri Krishna ...)


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