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Only by touching God, can we experience permanent peace. How to touch the Divine ... through Wisdom. Touching the Divine with wisdom gives Bliss.

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Who gave you this enchanting form ???


Who gave you this enchanting form ???



My yearning calls and cries
Have brought Your blissful form

Prahlada created Narahari
My Prema created my Lord

My Lord, who gave Your body the fragrance of roses?
I, with the call of my soul.

Who made Your divine Lotus feet?
I, with my desolate cries.

Who drew Your enchanting face?
I, with the flood of my tears.

Oh! The beauty of Your bewitching smile
Is it not the unending reign of my love?

The redness of Your lips
Is the beauty of my devotion.

Your teasing eyes?
Your name in my blood.

Your dancing golden feet?
The music in my heart.

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