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Prema for God should expand until we see Him in all His creation.

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The Sai World


The Sai World



I sing a joyful number
In the path of spirituality          
The path shown by Valmiki
I tread on with difficulty

No darkness of illusion
No danger of twin action
No dark clouds of delusion
Hear sweet music of devotion

It is the dawn of Truth
The blossoming of spirit
Every place I see
Quiet in Divinity

On the tender bed of flowers
Lord Sai adorns the swing
Swayed by a delicate breeze
Sways the King of Kings

On the sacred Vraja bhoomi
At the feet of the Merciful Sai
Enjoying the touch of Bliss
My heart in heavenly Peace does lie.

A world without Sun or Moon,
This is Sai World!
A world in the joy of Bliss,
This is Sai World!

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