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God's true form is truth. We can't see this with our physical eyes. We should become nameless and formless, only then can we have the vision of truth.

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My tears ... for You, Dear Lord


My tears ... for You, Dear Lord



Oh dear sweet Lord,
From the ever-flowing inner spring of my soul
My heart is flooded with desperate yearning for Thee

Sweeping away all thoughts and words
My tears overflow like the River Cauveri,
In its turbulent wake
Only the tormenting silence of separation
And the insurmountable distance between You and me.

My tears flood His feet
Yet He ignores my plea;
His love is my form
His name my breath
His thought my heart
Can you tell us apart?

I cry tears of sorrow in pain
I cry tears of joy in union
Restless tears, thirsty tears,
Happy tears, sad tears.
It is because of You Maya Madhava,
The Cauvery and Ganges
Flow from my eyes.

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